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EFFORTS IN SPIRTUALITY: They say, "It needs endeavors for acknowledgment of GOD, however no one has accomplished HIM with Efforts." Entirely conflicting proclamation I assume. Everything we need is trained endeavors & sadhna to stroll on the way of GOD Realization. Sadhna is impossible without a control, we need to rise at a young hour in the morning, for that rest at perfect time, eat at ideal time and afterward need to do japa and be in recognition of GOD ever. Yet, would we be able to achieve GOD with Disciplined sadhna? NO. On the off chance that we take a gander at history Mahatma Buddha did all the sadhnas and endeavors to achieve GOD whatever was accessible around then, however did not accomplish GOD. He went to all SIDH-Purkha those were available in world around then, every one of them that Buddha was so flawless at everything, nothing i ...
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Daily practice brings about transformation in the body-

Meditation day by day is a great deal more impactful than irregular meditation so on the off chance that you need to feel the impacts of meditation you should consider thinking consistently. Here are probably the most critical advantages of day by day intercession. 1.Daily meditation decreases stress. You will see that on the off chance that you think consistently, your anxiety levels will go down. In the event that you think every day for two or three months, you may not get pushed by any means, or somewhat focused. Ordinary meditation makes you see things in an unexpected way. What appeared to be vital before no more appears to be so. What you considered upsetting in the past no more shows up so. This is on account of when you ruminate, you comprehend that you prosperity is more vital than material things or occasions so you normally quit agonizing ...
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Best astrologer in Hyderabad

Sairam Shastry ji is a famous astrologer from Hyderabad. He holds an M.Phil (Gold Medal) degree in Economics from Arts College, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India in the year 1991 and started his career with Directorate of Economics and statistics, Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1992. Due to his interest in Astrology, he has resigned the government job and started career with Astrology. He has established in Hyderabad to research on Vedic Astrology. He has made thousands of successful predictions in all categories of horoscope predictions.  He is well known Jyothish in Hyderabad and famous for his accurate predictive abilities. In his experience of more than 30 years he has gained thousands of people’s confidence. He is known for his precise predictions and people from far away places visit him with a ray of hope to solve their problems. Vedic Astrology & Indian Astrology horoscope lets you know ...
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Dedicated to innocent, shirdi saibaba devotees :

Om Sai Samarth, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram. Numerous Miracles have happened in my life due to Sai Baba's gifts, I never felt it like recording it. Be that as it may, after this one, nothing halted me from recording it and permitting this Miracle to move numerous others. This transpired in Jan 2014, I got a call from my local spot where my guardians remain as such Sister has conveyed a Premature Baby kid, But this was not as standard as it sounds. As my Sister's therapeutic foundation was such that She was having infant following ten years of marriage that as well after 2-3 IVF endeavors. My guardians used to take additional precautionary measure remembering her therapeutic history. My Complete family was tensed on the grounds that infant was just 6 and half months old, his lungs were not totally created. He was on Ventilator for over ...
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Is there any real right or wrong?

Is there any real right or wrong You know, you may have heard some individual say, "I don't trust there's such an incredible concept as right or off-base." Or perhaps you've heard an educator say, "There are no absolutes." Whenever I hear that I need to say, "Would you say you are completely certain?" You need to ask yourself, "Is this announcement even consistent? Is there any set in stone?" Because when individuals say, "There is no correct, or it's wrong for you to force your ethics on me," consider it, by them letting you know that, they are forcing their ethics on you. The truth of the matter is we all inheritantly know right from wrong and we simply have this odd inclination to dismissal it. To nonchalance ethical quality when it clashes with our cravings for delight or individual addition. Presently, beyond any doubt, you may legitimize taking ...
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Many other miracles had happened in my life.

Numerous different miracle occurrences had happened in my life. When i went to KUKKE Subramanya with my companions (all young ladies). We came to some place around 5clk in morning. We don't have the foggiest idea about any 1 there, don't know where to go. Abruptly 1 man came there and said accompany me, i will show room where you all can crisp up. He took us to some inside spot. I was bit frightened and i told my companions how about we not stay here we will sit tight for 2 more hours. Be that as it may, they didn't tune in. Noiselessly i began droning Sai Ram and i requested that Baba help me. All of a sudden 1 pooch came holding my Duppata, it dragged me to primary street it was some half kilometer. (I was extremely frightened about mutts in the event that i see pooch ...
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The real life experiences with our beloved Sai Baba

Dear Sai Devotees, i know nobody can't keep away from his demise yet in the event that it would have been a heart assault or any malady then i have acknowledged that father has this much life just. In any case, would you be able to envision my dad was slaughtered by somebody. This inclination itself was appalling for me. My dad was extremely dedicated man. We are 3 sisters who are exceptionally taught. My father was hunting husband to be down my senior sister. Presently who will wed with us? My mother was broken totally. My more youthful sibling lost his fixation from his study. (He was topper in tenth CBSE Board). I quit revering Baba. Relative tuned began upsetting us for property issue. Nobody was helping my mother to hunt man of the hour down my senior sister aside from my Mama. My sister was coming to age ...
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Can a man not lead a good without aspiring for anything beyond this life ?

Can a man not lead a good On the off chance that you lead a prudent life and pass on, you will pass on as a decent man, not as a holy person. You won't achieve Moksha (freedom). You have several great men. In any case, what number of holy people have you got ? Indeed, even genuine wannabes are uncommon on the planet now. Indeed, even in you classification of "good men", there are evaluations. What number of good men have you got of Gandhiji's sort ? What benefit your men do ? They may be honest and honorable; they may be beneficent and devout. Yet, even they will be childish at the center. They will store riches and take care they could call their own wife and kids. Will they feel that all youngsters are theirs ? When they bring sweetmeats from the bazaar, will they provide for ...
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A man doing a wrong thing and how to impress upon him not to do it ?

A man doing a wrong thing argues that he is doing it because of his Karma; and he does not even try not to do it, because it gives him immediate happiness. How to imprss upon him not to do it ? Karma not propel a man to wrong activities. Samskara(impressions) does, to a sure degree. Be that as it may, God has presented through and through freedom on man, with which to make or blemish his profession. Man has no Bhoga-Svatantrata (opportunity to appreciate or endure), which component is represented by Karma. In any case, he must Svatantrata (flexibility to do great or underhandedness). He can substitute great Samskaras set up of the old awful Samskaras by Vichara-sakti (force of enquiry), self discipline and proceeded with routine of good activities. That underhandedness appears to give quick joy is the best allurement and the best obstruction to the development of ...
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do souls exist ?

You say in day by day life, "My body", "My Prana (vitality)", "My psyche", "My Indriya (faculties)". This plainly signifies that the Self or Atman is totally not quite the same as the body, the psyche, the Prana and the Indriyas. The psyche and the body are your workers or instruments. They are as much outside of you as these towels, seats, mugs are. You are holding the body pretty much as you are grasping a long strolling stick. You are the holder or proprietor of this body. The body is your property or ownership. The body, the faculties, the brain, the, and so on., are not the spirit, but rather have a place with it.. existence of the soul ...
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Overcoming Obstacles in Sadhana

Overcoming Obstacles in Spiritual Sadhana There is no outlandish trouble for one of solid determination and iron will. There is dependably a grumbling among wannabes, "I am pondering throughout the previous twelve years, yet I have not made any change. I have no acknowledgment." Why is it so? Genuine otherworldly advancement and advancement in sadhana are for sure difficult to accomplish. The workings of maya are so extremely unobtrusive so exceptionally hard to succeed, and human instinct is on a very basic level so unregenerate, that it declines to be changed from its awful state to a condition of ideals, goodness. To make any measure of progress in profound life is a troublesome and tough errand. It is awesome elegance alone that can raise the applicant from dimness to light. Be arranged for impediments On the profound way you must be arranged to meet with several disappointments, endless troubles, and ...
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The body kicks the bucket, the article of clothing that gives the covering to the spirit on its visit to the common plane. The internal identity stays unaffected. It doesn't and can't kick the bucket on the grounds that it is endless. As the Bhagavad Gita states: "He is unmanifest, is not the subject of thought, and is said to be morally sound; along these lines, knowing Him, it doesn't become you to lament after anybody." It is dismal to lose what we think about in life. When somebody we cherish bites the dust, it is miserable. Despondency for that misfortune is suitable however that misery ought not be delayed. Over the top grieving is unfortunate. Pain ought not devour a man, on the grounds that misfortune and passing are unavoidable. That is the reason in a few societies and religious frameworks a period cutoff is put on distress. Case ...
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Moon and its significane in horoscope

The Moon is the sense of self, the jiva, individual being and sentiment separate presence. It is versatile and steady. As the individualized being it wouldn't like to kick the bucket and will do what it needs to so that it may live. This is the reason it is so versatile. Whatever it must get to be OK with to survive, it will. Since the Moon can get used to any planet that is affecting it, benefic or malefic, it can get to be alright with any circumstance. Malefic planets affecting the Moon will demonstrate a man who has adjusted to a troublesome domain. The individual won't feel good in simple or delicate circumstances. It will by one means or another feel wrong or unnatural to them. In the event that Mars is impacting the Moon, the Moon will adjust to a brave, hasty or even rough presence. In the ...
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Jupiter in Astrology

This is known via prepared astrologers. We should examine the motivation behind why. Jupiter in Capricorn is terrible for wellbeing in light of the fact that Jupiter is essentially Kapha (water and earth). What's more, Capricorn ruled by Saturn is essentially vata (space and air). Be that as it may, Capricorn being an earth sign furthermore an animal of half water half land implies it likewise a few components of water and earth. This causes the indication of Capricorn to conflict with its ruler making an irregularity of the components. The way that the ruler (and not the sign) of Capricorn which has the FINAL SAY of the components, makes Jupiter in Capricorn to be inconsistent in this arrangement, to the extent wellbeing is concerned. It is as though the components have an inconsistency to begin with (Saturn with Capricorn) and the last say by Saturn which is inconsistent with ...
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Vedic Astrology

Horoscope through Vedic astrology
  • The lagna and the 8th lord, Mars, is debilitated.
  • The 10th lord is not in kendra.
  • The 3rd lord, Mercury is in the 8th house and retrograde.
  • Mercury is a maraka for Mesha lagna.
  • Mercury, the 2nd lord from the Moon, is placed in the 12th from it.
  • After the dashas of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn, the dasha of Mercury will be the 7th. In the Vimshamsha, Mercury is the 12th lord, time for samadhi and sadhe saati will be on.
  • Yogi he was and used to say, "Do bhajans. Bhajan is the medicine for all ailments and suffering". His hints about my horoscope;
  • He used to say, "Yours is Tula lagna and Mesha navamsha and mine is Mesha lagna and Tula navamsha.' My 9th lord (Jupiter) which represents the Guru is on your 5th lord (Saturn) both in Dhanu ...
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SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY One day my guru gave me a manuscript and requesting that at home, open it and alter it. Back home, I opened it and found that it was a book on astrology! I dithered yet when I began reading it, I discovered subjects like Jyotisha and Karma, Jyotish and the stream of Life Force, Jyotish and Yogic Psychology. At that point there were numerous maxims of prescient astrology in light he could call his own experience. My mom had not taught me otherworldly astrology. And now I started to discover that "Jyotish is para vidya, the eye of insight, self evident learning, not a bread winning subject." My book, "Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology" depends on his investigation and talk. He had surrendered astrology in the most recent years of his life and somebody stole that manuscript moreover. I needed to, consequently, compose on thi ...
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Lunar Reflex Action

  Medical Astrology has recognized an inclination for a reflex activity. This intelligent impact to venture overlooked or lost feelings onto body parts and capacities connected with the inverse sign. For instance, a customer with a natal Moon in Pisces, overwhelmed by feelings because of her Piscean Moon's instinctual, subliminal propensity/present for sympathizing, an assimilation's hyperacidity (reflex into the inverse indication of Virgo, which is connected to processing). This was her constitution endeavoring to process and acclimatize the surges of experience she had consumed, spongelike, from her surroundings. Treatment of the hyperacidity was unsuccessful with ordinary stomach settling agents, and more fruitful when recuperating modalities were utilized for the passionate overpower. Journaling to transform the feelings (Virgo reaction) was less effective than swinging to verse (Pisces reaction) to clear the enthusiastic excess. Her body was highlighting a lopsidedness by reflex indication to the inverse sign, however the best ...
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How does Kuja Dosha affect a person?

    In the first place, in spite of the fact that a man may have certain conditions in his diagram, that make him Manglik hopeful, there are different degrees of Bhauma Dosha. A few arrangements show solid Dosha (imperfection), while others are less destructive and some can even be called gentle. Since there are just 12 houses and vicinity of Mars in any 5 of them make one a Manglik, almost 42% of the populace are prone to be Manglik!! We have fabricated a scoring framework in our examination taking into account a 100-guide premise toward dissect the Manglik status of a Natal Chart. Variables, for example, conjunction of the Sun and Saturn, which influence the impact of Mars and can be in charge of conjugal disagreement, are additionally considered in this examination. The most extreme ruin is brought on when Mars is not well put in ...
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Spiritual Sadhana – How to attain Moksha ?

What is Spiritual Sadhana ? In Sanskrit, Sadhana means practice and spiritual sadhana means practicing spirituality for satisfaction of spiritual hunger and to attain highest form Moksha The world is full of all complications. At some point of time every person may outlook their inner nature and think ‘who am I’,why am here’, Does any other world exists?  He may even in doubt whether God exists or not. All these doubts only fulfill with practice. A regular practice yields delighted in soul, Atma. He even controls his will power and wish to act upon mind cravings. How to do Sadhana ?
  • Early morning time is called ‘Brahma Muhoortha’ where the world is yet to ready for daily activities.
  • This is the best time to meditate as the body is in situation of peace and calm.
  • Start ...
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Spiritual Sadhana Quotes

 Best spiritual sadhana quotes
  • When subject to any hardship, there is nothing wrong in praying God for God is like our Father.
  • You need not feel shy in praying God. God may not immediately fulfill your desires. On doing so, there is a great danger of your ego getting increased. By narrating our hardships, God willcertainly resolve them on the arrival of appropriate time. There is no doubt about it. But when, where and how it has to be done, that epoch is decided by God.
  •  Don’t think that any of your thought will go in vain. If you crave for material prosperity or spiritual advancement, such thoughts will not go in vain. God will bestow result for each of your thought and thereby reward you. Don’t think that your thoughts won’t yield any results.
  • When one completely surrenders to God, their fear gets reduced. Man get ...
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Optimistic Astrologer

Two unmistakable improvements that must happen, consistently, after the astrology's presentation courses in the colleges is that an astrologers' portion rising out of a decent instructional class in these subjects will be most valuable guides in our general public. At that point, in course of time, rehearsing astrology without a legitimate permit ought to be announced illicit, culpable under law. The requirement for this must be comprehended and appreciated.How numerous individuals can say with pride thus much certainty in the wake of examining celestial forecasts given to him by an astrologer forty four years back, that he has been a self assured person on the grounds that he had confidence in astrology? What number of individuals can say that the astrologer had never seen him yet had made every one of the forecasts on the horoscope's premise he had arranged after the conception points of interest were supplied to him? ...
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Spiritual Sadhana Quotes -2

                                                                                                                                                  Daily Motivational Quotes  
  • "The good done to others comes back to you manifold. If you are aware of it, how can you refrain from doing good?”
  • When you help others or spend money for some good deed, don’t think that money will go waste. It gets deposited in the Divine bank. It will be beneficial in your life after death.
  • If any of you are quiet rich, do utilize your ...
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Vivekananda Inspirational Quotes

  • Whatever others think or do lower not your standard of purity morality and love of God. So long as you have love for God and Guru, and faith in truth nothing can hurt you, my son.
 Vivekananda Inspirational Quotes
  • If you are pure, if you are strong, you one man are equal to the whole world.
  • The man who is pure, and who dares, does great things.
  • Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame, nor learning; it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties. Bear this in mind.
  • Well, my boy, this is the school of misery, which is also the school for great souls and prophets for the cultivation of sympathy, of patience and above all, of an indomitable iron will which quakes not even if the universe be pulverised at our feet.
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Astrology – What it says about your horoscope

A birth chart is not going to be exact without its two noteworthy segments. An astrologer needs to get the individual's birth date and the precise time she was conceived. The season of birth is for the most part the time when you took your first breath and is the point at which the chart is figured from. There are times that the area is likewise expected to legitimately ascertain the essential points of the birth chart with the most exactness. The conjunctions, resistances and other celestial bodies are characterized in the middler of the chart. On the external segment of the individual's chart lies the twelve houses all the more normally known as the zodiac signs. A man's birth chart is not consistent and is continually changing following the Sun, Moon, planets and the stars are dependably in diverse positions in respect to the Earth. It is exceptionally individual ...
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Astrology quotations by Astrologer

"Astrology is an exceptionally significant subject and all the more so forecasts are generally expected all consistently. How it has been directed and how the outcomes were accumulated. A few uses forecasts to look at their way of life later on, their fortunes and their adoration life. Now and again there are different explanations behind what we call the disappointment of expectations as natal graphs or conception outlines are utilized. There are numerous unusual methods or lapses in the utilization of diverse turn." "There are numerous disclosures and some even say that Astrology and some mysterious thoughts, are being kept or escaped the Great Unwashed, which is the insider facts that are just being accessible and coordinated to a picked few individuals. What's more, maybe it even continued for a considerable length of time." "The sun sign astrology, as indicated by a few specialists in Astrology, if done legitimately and ...
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Aries Horoscope 2016

Aries Horoscope 2016 - Aries 2016 Horoscope - Aries Astrology 2016 Ups and downs will encompass your family life in 2016. Seventh house appears to be under halfway Paap Kartari Yoga, making you act watchful and quiet. One thing that isolates Arians from individuals of different signs is their propensity for getting irate all of a sudden and having no misgiving about it even later. Be that as it may, this thing won't run well with your matrimonial life. Genuine endeavors from your side are must to keep things going great between both of you. Despite the fact that you will impart incredible science to your mom amid the most piece of the year, things may go bad when Moon will move into Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. Predetermination cards uncover unfavorable holding with your dad. Something inside of you will incite you to conflict with him. Attempt to ...
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Taurus Horoscope 2016

Taurus Horoscope 2016 - Taurus 2016 Horoscope - Taurus Astrology 2016   Before discussing your predetermination Taureans, let us explore the planetary positions for you in 2016. Saturn will live in Scorpio and Jupiter will pass into Leo. In the wake of being in their present signs till January 31, Rahu will go into Leo; however, Ketu will move into Aquarius. Examining this horoscope gauge for year 2016 will let you know about your future potential results and ways to deal with oversee specific good and bad times. This and in addition here you will turn out to be more familiar with about those dates too that ought to be spend meticulously.   Family Life Merriment and adoration will fortify your bond with relatives. Listen to what they propose and you will acknowledge life getting it done. Clashing with them may welcome a couple impediments for you. On the other ...
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How to live a satisfying spiritual life in a stressful world

There are so many of us who work long hours in a very stressful environment, with little time for family. These people do go out, but that outing is mostly about drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy food in the name of ‘letting hair down’. And the next day…it’s the same old rut. Everyone is running towards a contended life with so much discontent in their heart that life becomes a ballad full of irony. Let’s look at some surefire ways to simplify life… Work on your finances Finances can be a drain on your energy and a major stressor. If that’s true with you, figure out ways to make things simpler. Automate savings and bill payments and debt payments. Spend less by going shopping much less. Find ways to have fun that don’t involve spending money. Stop negativity Cut out or cut down on the most negative media influence in ...
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Telugu Jathakam online

Telugu Astrology  Telugu Jathakam  Telugu Jathakam online Astrology in Telugu 27 నక్షత్రములు 1. అశ్వని 2. భరణి 3. కృత్తిక 4.  రొహిని 5. మృగశిర 6. ఆర్ద్ర  7. పునర్వ్సు 8. పుష్యమి 9. ఆశ్రేశ 10. మఖ 11. పుబ్బ 12. ఉత్తర 13. హస్త 14. చిత్త 15. స్వాతి 16. విసాక 17. అనురాధ 18. జేష్ఠ 19. మూల 20. పూర్వాషాడ 21. ఉత్తరాషాడ 22. స్రవన  23. ధనిష్ఠ 24. శతభిష 25. పుర్వాబద్ర 26. ఉత్తరాబద్ర 27. రేవతి .   9 గ్రహాలు 1. రవి 2. చంద్ర 3. కుజ 4. రాహు 5. గురువు 6. శని 7. బుద 8. కేతు 9. శుక్ర   12 రాసులు 1. మేషo 2. వ్రుషభo 3. మిదునo 4. కర్కాటకo  5. సింహరాశి 6. కన్యరాశి 7. తులరాశి 8. వ్రుచికరాశి 9. ధనస్సురాశి 10. మకరరాశి 11. కుమ్బరాశి  12. మీనరాశి   జ్యోతిషం అనే దాని లో జ్యోతి అనే పదానికి వెలుగు లేదా కాంతి అని అర్థం. సరే ఈ కాంతి ఎలాంటిది అని చూస్తే అంతరిక్షం లో ఉండే కాంతి గోళాలైన నక్షత్రాలు, గ్రహాలు, సూర్య, చంద్రులు ఇవి భూ వాతావరణంపై, ప్రాణులపై చూపించే ప్రభావాలను, మానవ జీవితంతో వాటికున్న సంబంధాలను అధ్యయనం చేసేదే జ్యోతిష ...
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Gemini Horoscope 2016

Gemini Horoscope 2016 - Gemini 2016 Horoscope - Gemini Astrology 2016   2016 will start with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. In the wake of living in their present signs till January 31, Rahu will move into Leo and Ketu will move into Aquarius. Examine the conceivable outcomes of 2016, alongside some truly accommodating cures. Give a perusing to these visionary expectations and uncover the dates when alert is required. We should start investigating your destiny now.   Family Life This year, you will impart warm attach to your life accomplice. Minor tiffs are ordinary and critical to sustain each connection. Thus, don't freeze, if such things happen between you. A large portion of this current year will be spent in treasuring brilliant minutes together. Esteem your accomplice's thoughts, as it will help you a ton consistently. Going to your connection with your mom, it will ...
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Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancer Horoscope 2016 - Cancer 2016 Horoscope - Cancer Astrology 2016   This New Year, i.e. 2016, will start with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Rahu will move into Leo and Aquarius in Ketu, in the wake of being in their present signs. How to handle with the issues if this year? Which dates are not great for your sign? Which cures will haul you out from the troublesome circumstances? Get answer to every single such question with the horoscope expectations clarified here.   Family Life We bring you Cancer horoscope 2016 with the goal that you can know your fortune in 2016. Saturn is Moon's most loved adversary, according to convictions. This is one of the prime reasons, regarding why your wedded life is not that ecstatic for the most part. Issues are conceivable in local life because of relatives and not in view of ...
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All about Astrology Horoscope Predictions

                 ASTROLOGY              In Jyothishyam the word Jyothi means Light or shine.  These are similar to the lighting spheres in the universe such as stars, planets, sun, and moon.  The way how all these effect the human life is only what we call as Astrology.             This light is of two types (1) The outer light emitted by stars, sun and moon. (2) The Light related to soul. The soul reacts accordingly depending upon the outer light emission.              The aim of astrology is not only to tell about human’s future but also to get themselves attached devotionally.  So Astrology is also known as “Veda chakshuvu” .  This means “Gnana Netra”.  As this astrology is much important so to understand the “Vedas” we should be capable of dealing with 6 Shastras ( Sacred books).   Astrology is one among ...
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Leo Horoscope 2016

Leo Horoscope 2016 - Leo 2016 Horoscope - Leo Astrology 2016   Saturn will move into Scorpio and Jupiter will move in Leo. Subsequent to being in their own signs till January 31, Rahu will move in Leo and Ketu will go in Aquarius. Start this year with information of the considerable number of occurrences conceivable in your life, alongside some truly extraordinary cures. Other than this, likewise become more acquainted with the dates when to take or not to take any significant choices. Need to know how? Here are your visionary readings.   Family Life We bring you Leo horoscope 2016 with the goal that you can know your fortune in 2016. This sign is one among the individuals who are all that much blessed in 2016. In spite of the fact that a few ups and downs will appear, however they won't prevent you from getting ...
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Virgo Horoscope 2016

Virgo Horoscope 2016 - Virgo 2016 Horoscope - Virgo Astrology 2016   With the start of New Year, Saturn will move into Scorpio and Leo will be gone to by Jupiter. Subsequent to being in their own particular signs till January 31, Rahu and Ketu will turn out and move into Leo and Aquarius, individually. These planetary changes will get changes your life as well. Would you like to know what amount of good or terrible these progressions would be? Which solutions for search for in a bad position? Which dates ought to be disposed of for taking critical choices? Perused these horoscope forecasts and cut a fruitful future all through 2016.   Family Life We bring you Virgo horoscope 2016 with the goal that you can know your fortune in 2016. Regardless expectations of your family life, it would seem that you won't impart sweet connection to ...
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Libra Horoscope 2016

Libra Horoscope 2016 - Libra 2016 Horoscope - Libra Astrology 2016     Saturn will move into Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Subsequent to living in their own signs till January 31, Rahu will go in Leo and Ketu will go in Aquarius. Having a pre-learning of conceivable occasions for your sign and knowing the most propitious and in addition ominous dates is the first thing to have. Become more acquainted with them and significantly more here with these visionary counts made for each viewpoint for you. Alongside what your predetermination has in store for you, supportive cures will likewise control you.   Family Life We bring you Libra horoscope 2016 with the goal that you can know your fortune in 2016. Saturn is Yogakaraka unquestionably, yet it will likewise give its own particular impacts. Partition from family is conceivable. Concordance and heartfelt association may need among relative ...
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Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Scorpio Horoscope 2016 - Scorpio 2016 Horoscope - Scorpio Astrology 2016     Scorpions have a great magnetic personality. As their mascot is “the scorpion”, they can be argumentative and elegant but that's simply because they see all oppositions a healthy change. Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all zodiac signs. Even when scorpions appear self controlled and calm there is a furious intensity of emotional energy under the composed exterior. They are like volcano which may burst into eruption at any moment. Part of the negative side of scorpion nature is a tendency to discard friends once they cease to be useful. Even if they get everything in their favor they are still not satisfied. They probably take good care of their body or at least talk about doing so.   Family Life Siblings and well wishers are going to bring profits for you. Your tuning with ...
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Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 - Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope - Sagittarius Astrology 2016   Saturn, the master of your second house, is traveling into your twelfth house. You should be cautious and act truly keen, if Dasha of Saturn is beating you. Costs are just another name of your issues; thus, hold them under control and attempt to spare however much as could reasonably be expected. A nearby look into your introduction to the world graph highlights somebody selling out you. To keep this individual from getting achievement in his/her thought processes, act extremely cautious in money related matters. Be it loaning subsidizes or acquiring them, you must be greatly ready. Same suggestion is for locals who are under the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Try not to confer the mix-up of marking any paper or report, as somebody may attempt to take your mark on a clear paper or anything.   ...
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Aquarius Horoscope 2016

Aquarius Horoscope 2016 - Aquarius 2016 Horoscope - Aquarius Astrology 2016   Money related life will stay great this year the length of you keep a control on your consideration. Yes, you heard it right. It regards help other people, however trading off with your money related security to help other people is likewise not something worth being thankful for. Making cash is troublesome, however squandering it is simple. Try not to release your cash futile. Be extremely watchful till August and don't loan cash to anyone. Solid possibilities of benefits from companions are unmistakable on your future cards. 2016 is the year when cash will come, however to what extent it will stick is indeterminate. Thus, be cautious with your choices.   Family Life For you Aquarians, family life looks typical. Unlimited backing from relatives will help you in most piece of the year. You will feel ...
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Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Capricorn Horoscope 2016 - Capricorn 2016 Horoscope - Capricorn Astrology 2016   Misfortunes are clear if either Rahu or Ketu is set in second house. While some of you may face real misfortune, others will have less of it. Conceivable explanations for this money related issue will be your pointless costs. Attempt to burn through cash astutely; don't release your well deserved cash waste. Companions may likewise undermine monetary ground or illicit techniques of somebody may likewise prompt this. These inconveniences are anticipated for the individuals who are under the Dasha of Ketu and Ketu is controller of deeds connected with malefic houses. Then again, for locals experiencing Saturn's Dasha, limitless advantages are on the card and budgetary circumstance will fortify   Family Life Family life doesn't looks encouraging this year. Contrasts with relatives will dependably arrive. Pointless tiffs will ruin climate of your gang. In spite of ...
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Pisces Horoscope 2016

Pisces Horoscope 2016 - Pisces 2016 Horoscope - Pisces Astrology 2016   A few issues are conceivable at first, yet things will fall in amicability later. 2016 will give you numerous open doors for making progress and going toward achievement. You are relied upon to land new position this year; in any case, don't leave the present employment till you get other. On the off chance that you leave from the present place of employment without having another close by, you will need to sit tight for long to get a call from some other association. 2016 searches ordinary for your monetary life. You will avoid pointless costs. Cash will stay with you with no obstacle. Be that as it may, you must be watchful till August, as double-crossings are conceivable. Your future cards witness you looking for new things and additionally getting accomplishment in sparing cash.   ...
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Ugadi 2017-18 panchangam rasiphalalu

  2017 - 2018 శ్రీ హేమలంబ నామ సంవత్సర మేషరాశి ఫలితాలు అశ్విని నక్షత్రం 1,2,3,4 పాదములు , భరణి నక్షత్రం 1,2,3,4 పాదములు , కృత్తిక నక్షత్రం 1వ పాదములో జన్మించినవారు మేష రాశికి చెందును. శ్రీ హేమలంబ నామ సంవత్సరంలో మేష రాశి వారికి ఆదాయం - 08 వ్యయం - 14 రాజపూజ్యం - 04 అవమానం - 03 శ్రీ హేమలంబ నామ సంవత్సరంలో మేష రాశి వారికి సంవత్సర ప్రారంభంలో ఆశాజనకంగా కన్పించును. నెమ్మదిగా చికాకులు, సమస్యలు ఎదురగును. ధన భారం ఉండును. అవసరములకు బందుమిత్రుల సహకారం లభించును. వ్యాపార రంగంలోని వారికి చికాకులు ఉండును. వ్యవసాయ రంగంలోని వారికి నష్టములు ఎదురగను. వివాదములు కలుగు సూచన. ఈ సంవత్సరం ఉద్యోగ రంగంలోని వారికి ఆశించిన స్థానచలనం ఏర్పడును. గృహ వాతావరణంలో అసౌక్యం. యంత్ర పరిశ్రమ యజమానులకు ఈ సంవత్సరం మిశ్రమ ఫలితాలు కలిగించును. కోర్టు వివాదాములలో అతికష్టంతో విజయం లభించును. సంవత్సరాంతంలో స్త్రీ సంభందమైన వ్యయములు, పితృ వర్గం వారివలన ఆర్ధిక నష్టములు కలుగును. సొంత గృహం కొరకు ప్రయత్నాలు ఫలించును. విదేశీ ప్రయత్నాలు మిక్కిలి విఘ్నములను కలుగచేయును. సంవత్సర ప్రారంభం నుండి 11-సెప్టెంబర్-2017 వరకూ మేష రాశి వారికి గురువు మంచి ఫలితాలు ఇవ్వడు. అనారోగ్య సమస్యలను, శారిరక పీడను, ఋణములను , శత్రుత్వములను, బాధలను కలిగించును. గురువుకి ...
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Bad effects of Rahu planet by sharma ?

Bad effects of Rahu planet by Sharma Another planet of the solar system Rahu not very much favorable when they are with Shani and Mars. But important heavenly bodies according to astrology , Rightly termed as shadowy planets but in the lal kithab it bit different, their movement is interrelated as parts of one body. they are at all times just opposite to each other and give more troubles. to the personal life almost in every area like relation wise, and career-wise, and some of the health issue. persona all always thinks negative side and falls almost every time in the life.. Greater significance has been attached to the role of Rahu. in influencing human affairs in various dimensions, especially in Kaliyug and all are suffering from the powers of plants. The consideration of Rahu and Shani is one of the key difference between ...
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Pisces Horoscope

 Pisces Horoscope - Pisces Astrology Readings   A few issues are conceivable at first, yet things will fall in amicability later. This year will give you numerous open doors for making progress and going toward achievement. You are relied upon to land new position this year; in any case, don't leave the present employment till you get other. On the off chance that you leave from the present place of employment without having another close by, you will need to sit tight for long to get a call from some other association. The searches ordinary for your monetary life. You will avoid pointless costs. Cash will stay with you with no obstacle. Be that as it may, you must be watchful till August, as double-crossings are conceivable. Your future cards witness you looking for new things and additionally getting accomplishment in sparing cash.   Family Life Till August, family life ...
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Tamil jathagam online

Tamil Astrology, Tamil jathagam, online Tamil Horoscope, Tamil-jothidam 27 நட்சத்திரங்கள் மூல 20. 18. 19. அனுராதா jestha uttarasada purvasada 21. 22. 23. sravana satabhisa dhanistha 24. 25. 26. purvabadra uttarabadra 27. ரேவதி. 9 கிரகங்கள் 1. ரவி 2. சந்திரா 3. குசா 4. ராகு 5. குரு 6. ஷானி 7. பட் 8. கத. 9. வெள்ளி 12 பந்தயங்கள் Miduna கண்ணி ஓ 2. ஓ 3. ஓ 4. 1. புற்றுநோய் vrusabha kanyarasi ஓ 5. லியோ 6. 7. 8. tularasi dhanassurasi vrucikarasi 9. 10. 12. kumbarasi makararasi 11. மீனம் ஜியோதி என்ற வார்த்தை ஜோதி என்ற வார்த்தைக்கு ஒளி அல்லது ஒளி என்று பொருள். எனினும், இந்த ஒளி 2 வெவ்வேறு வகைகள் உள்ளன. 1) நட்சத்திரங்கள், சூரிய மற்றும் சந்திரன் வெளியே 2) ஆத்மாவின் உள் வெளிச்சம். வெளிப்புற வெளிச்சம் தெளிவாக இருப்பதால், ஆன்மாவின் உள்ளார்ந்த உணர்வின் உள்முரண்பாடு புரிந்துகொள்ளப்பட முடியும். எனவே ஜோதிடத்தின் முக்கிய நோக்கம் எதிர்காலத்தைப் பற்றியும் மனிதர்களின் ஆவிக்குரிய பரிணாம வளர்ச்சிக்காகவும் அறிய வேண்டும். அதனால்தான் ஜோதிடம் 'வேத சேபல்' என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது. இதன் அர்த்தம் அறிவு என்பது கண். வேதத்தின் பொருள் அறிந்து கொள்வது முக்கியமான விஞ்ஞானம் விஞ்ஞானங்களில் வல்லுநராக ...
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Telugu Panchangam

Panchangam in Telugu తెలుగు పంచాంగం ప్రాంతీయ భాషలో ఒక క్యాలెండర్. పంచాంగం అంటే పంచ అంగములతొ కూడినది అని అర్థము. పంచ అంగములు అనగా తిధి, వార, నక్షత్రం,యోగా మరియు కరణము సంస్కృత పంచాంగం = పంచ (ఐదు) + అంగమ్ (అవయవాలు) దీనిలో సూర్య/ చంద్రుల ఉదయాస్తమయాలు, సూర్య చంద్రుల రాశి స్థితి, కలియుగ వత్సరాలు, శక సంవత్సరం, విక్రమ శకం, కలియుగ గత దినములు, హిందూ సంవత్సరం, ఋతువు, మాసం, పక్షం, తిథి, వారం, నక్షత్రం, యోగం, కరణముల అంత్య సమయములు, అమృత ఘడియలు, రాహు కాలం, గుళికా కాలం, యమగండ కాలం, దుర్ముహూర్తం, వర్జ్యం, దిన విభాగములు, రాత్రి విభాగములు, చౌగడియలు/ గౌరీ పంచాంగము, హోరా సమయములు, దిన ముహూర్తములు, పంచాగ శుభాశుభ విషయములు, చేయదగిన పనులు, తారాబలం, చంద్రబలం మొదలైన అంశాలు తెలుసుకోవచ్చు. సూర్యోదయం సమయం మరియు సూర్యాస్తమయం సమయం పాటు తెలుగు క్యాలెండర్లో ప్రధానంగా ఐదు లక్షణాలను చూడవచ్చు. తిథి నక్షత్రం వారం యోగా మరియు కరణము పవిత్ర దినం కోసం ముహూర్తం కనుగొనేందుకు ప్రజలు ఈ గుణాలను చూస్తారు. తెలుగుపంచాంగం గురించి మరింత తెలుసుకోండి అన్ని హిందూ పండుగలు, ఉపవాసాలు మొదలైనవి పంచాంగం ప్రకారం జరుగుతాయి. ఉగాది పండుగ రోజున తెలుగు పంచాంగం మొదలవుతుంది. తెలుగు పంచాంగం అంటే ఏమిటో అర్ధం చేసుకోగలిగేలా ఈ లక్షణాల గురించి వివరాలను చూద్దాం. తిథి : ...
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