Spiritual Sadhana 


Spirituality is way of life. And only sadhana makes it perfect. Here at Spiritualsadhana.com you will find your spiritual hunger satisfied with right taste. As a sadhak we use to get many question and doubts. Some may stuck in this thoughts jungle.

So here comes the need of place where you discus and get clarified. Spiritualsadhana.com is just the right place to ask questions about astrology, spirituality, Vedanta, Hinduism and even the existence of God. You can also find the right motivation you need to start the day with.

Come here and take a deep divine dive and come out with inspiring pearls.


All the best for you.



Spiritualsadhana founder Sri Sadhana is based in India. She is practitioner of yoga and dietitian for past 25 years. She is a well known personality in Yoga circles and has got best Dietitian award for 2007, Uttarakhand State.