Working is Fun,Isn’t it?


You are welcome on board to join with highly efficient and qualified yet fun loving people.


At Spiritualsadhana, you’ll be a busy bee working for passion.


Currently we have vacant positions for the following.


Content Writer : Content is king and if you are its lover queen then this is for you.

A self driven  person with good command over English are expected to apply.

Experience needed ? not necessary. A motivation towards inner self being, and interest towards Hinduism, Ancient Indian Culture, Indian Traditions, Science behind Indian Traditions is what you are asked for.

Additionally, we need you to write thought breaking articles on Spirituality, Vedanta and Agamas. You can extend your hand on to modern scriptures, meditation and Yoga.

We accept a wide range of topics as listed here

-Self help articles

-Motivational articles

-Behavioral articles

-How to and Why to do articles (preferred)

-Divine articles

and any thing you feel it’s worthy to share on the purest community like spiritualsadhana.


Interested??? Apply here   Contact us

or Mail your resume to



Guest Writer : Welcome to you. 

Please send your articles related to Spirituality, Astrology, Meditation , Daily Horoscopes and life techniques in 300-1500 words with suitable images.

What you can expect : – A good bio of yours and a link to your site/blog

– Increase in popularity and recognition for your profile.

Mail your sample articles to


Watch this space for more exciting jobs to apply.


Good Luck